YMMV / Red Riding

  • Best Known for the Fanservice: Best known as the movie where Andrew Garfield has fairly explicit sex with Mary Crawley—according to Tumblr, anyway.
  • Complete Monster: Even in a time during the Yorkshire Ripper murders, these two manage to stand out as completely evil:
    • Reverend Martin Laws, aka "The Wolf", is the leader of a child sex-and-murder ring where he and various officials rape, torture, and strangle kids to death before sewing swan wings onto their corpses. Working with the corrupt West Yorkshire Constabulary (WYC), he allows them to do whatever they can to keep his club a secret, whether it be torture or murder, even framing people like the mentally challenged Michael Myshkin for the kidnappings. When BJ—a male prostitute who managed to escape the club as a child—returns to kill him, the Wolf coerces BJ into letting his guard down before trying to murder him with a power drill.
    • John Dawson is a corrupt, charismatic real estate developer, and the worst member of the Wolf's child sex-and-murder ring. Pursuing a £100 million joint investment between himself and the top echelons of the WYC on his shopping center project in return for covering up his crimes, Dawson orders the evacuation of a Romani camp before having it burned down and made his property. Kidnapping a young girl in 1974, Dawson proceeds to rape, torture, and strangle her to death before stitching swan wings to her back, dumping the body on his new property where he'll build his new shopping center. Willing to do whatever he can to prevent the truth from leaking, he sends his wife to a nursing home, orders the police to kill reporter Barry and his own girlfriend Paula Garland, and has Edward Dunford tortured.
  • The Woobie: Michael Myshkin. Good God.