YMMV / Rant

  • Ambiguously Bi: Shot Dunyun. He didn't pull away from Rant for two camera flashes, and then proceeded to not only ask if Rant is queer, but also if he's looking for a boyfriend. Takes someone pretty...knowledgeable to make that distinction, don't you think? He later seems a bit too willing to plant one on Neddy, as well.
  • Fridge Brilliance: An early chapter mentions that Rant's mother would hide bits of glass and such in her food, so that her cooking will have an effect on people, reasoning that people tend to remember unpleasant things in vivid detail. People remember unpleasant things in vivid detail? Pretty sure she drew that conclusion from being raped, and reliving the events.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Contains an incredibly graphic rape scene, made even worse by the fact it's the victim's son doing the raping...and her father...and her grandfather...it's complicated.
    • Also, this book will make you afraid of rabies.
  • Squick: It's Palahniuk, what did you expect? Let's start with Little!Rant's 'haunted house'
    • Rant's ability to tell your cholesterol level by licking your vagina.
    • Rant hiding everything behind a wall of boogers.
      • Or perhaps the fact that his landlord "checked" to make sure they weren't hash.
    • The Graphic Traffic reports contain the worst kind of Genius Bonus.
    • See the Fridge Brilliance entry above, paying close attention to the spoiler.
    • The protagonist ends up slipping out of the time-stream, becoming his own foster father, then slipping further and becoming a Historian. He then proceeds to become every single male in his genetic line.