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YMMV: Quantum Vibe

  • Anvilicious: Higher-gravity acclimated sociopathic man versus free-fall acclimated woman equals Curb-Stomp Battle. Free-fall acclimated woman with handgun asks Who's Laughing Now? Except spaceport security confiscated Nicole's gun at gunpoint, insisting that Luna actually had police and they would protect her if the need arose. Surprise, she's Alone with the Psycho, the need has arisen and they're not there.
    Forgot to put on your zringer this morning? Nasty habit you elf-hive women have wearing those things. Makes you think you're a man's equal.(backhanded slap)
  • Captain Obvious Aesop: The Mars arc offers the viewpoint that slavery is bad.
  • Values Dissonance: A self-proclaimed space pirate is seen ordering the torture, mutilation, and executions of unarmed(Asshole Victim) prisoners, and is portrayed as inarguably heroic for doing so. Nicole attempts to call him on it, but a couple of panels' worth of flowery speech sees her completely converted.
  • Uncanny Valley: Murphy

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