!!!!The novel called Push has examples of:
* AdaptationDisplacement: A weird example. The novel is being repackaged as "Precious: Based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire" following the success of the movie. So the new official title is effectively [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment "Precious: Based on the novel 'Push' by Sapphire (formerly Push: a novel by Sapphire)" by Sapphire]]. See OneMarioLimit.
* AudienceAlienatingPremise: Sometimes criticized for being too depressing, graphic, and hard to read. The sequel seems to be even more depressing.
* FridgeHorror: Plenty.
** Carl has two other kids. God only knows what kind of Hell ''their'' lives must be.
** Mary hears that Carl died of AIDS, but she thinks she can't get it because it only spreads through anal sex. She's wrong, but the fact that she has no reaction suggests that she knew [[DepravedBisexual Carl was having unprotected sex with men.]]
* {{Squick}}: It can be a bit hard to read at times.
* {{Wangst}}: Largely averted. Though she has very good reason to angst, Precious is usually [[AngstWhatAngst fairly calm]] about her circumstances, only breaking down once during the movie.
* TheWoobie: Precious, obviously. Poor, poor, poor, Precious.

!!!!The film of ''Push'' called ''Precious'' has examples of:
* AwardSnub: Gabourey Sidibe definitely shouldn't have lost to [[Film/TheBlindSide Sandra Bullock]], even if she didn't deserve to win.
* FunnyAneurysmMoment: After [[spoiler:hurling the television set at Precious and her son, Mary grumps back into the apartment, doesn't even bother to clean herself up, flops into her chair, picks up the remote and...]]
** "[[spoiler:Precious' son Abdul]] looks just like his daddy." [[spoiler:In the sequel Precious succumbs to AIDS and Abdul is put into an OrphanageOfFear where he's abused and raped and eventually becomes a violent rapist.]]
* MoralEventHorizon: Mary practically lives on the other side of the line the way some people live on the other side of the train tracks. Honorable mentions include:
** Standing in an open doorway to watch Carl raping Precious.
** Attacking her with an iron skillet.
** Throwing a television set down from the upper level of a stairwell to try and hit Precious over the head.
** Asking to hold Abdul, then literally throwing him to the floor.
** The brutal emotional and physical abuse in the staircase scene.
* HeyItsThatGuy: Sarah from ''Series/HeadOfTheClass'' is in this!
* {{Narm}}: There are many Youtube comments of people who reportedly laughed at Precious when she was verbally abused by his mother.
* UnintentionallySympathetic: Mary's breakdown in front of Ms. Weiss. Precious herself realizes that Mary, however monstrous she is, is ultimately a sad, selfish pervert, too stupid to even understand what's going on around her and lapsing helplessly into angry denial when things don't go her way. [[spoiler: It's implied that Precious essentially forgives her in order to let go, and never sees her again.]] In the book, Mary is so cheerfully proud of her relationship with Carl that Precious has to bail out of the conversation entirely.

!!!!The 2009 film called Push has examples of:
* {{Narm}}: The Bleeders just plain looked silly when they screamed, [[spoiler: except the one at the end, who was much more powerful than his two sons who had just been killed]].
* RelationshipWritingFumble: If the reviews and fan reactions are anything to go by, whatever relationship thirteen year old Cassie and twenty three year old Nick were supposed to have wasn't what the audience saw.
** The ClingyJealousGirl behavior once Kira arrives and that skirt aren't helping.
* TheyCopiedItSoItSucks: Often criticized for being a rip off of ''Comicbook/{{X-Men}}'' or ''Series/{{Heroes}}'' due to the notion of paranoia and the government being the enemy.
** The marble scene in the beginning is taken almost directly from a part in TedDekker's book ''Blink'', a book where the main character can see potential futures. When he's about to be arrested, he rolls a rubber ball down the hall, timing it so that it will bounce off the right walls, causing a distraction so he and his {{Love Interest}} can get away. Could have been a {{Shout Out}} though.
** Its far closer in plot to ''Scanners'' and ''Firestarter''.