YMMV / Progress

  • Cult Classic: While the fic sort of fell into obscurity some years ago and fandom newcomers may not know of it, it's still a widely beloved work that greatly influenced the community and is remembered fondly by many bronies.
  • Genius Bonus: Hoyden means a wild boisterous girl or tomboy in Middle Dutch. Another word for a tomboyish girl is "butch". And given his marefriend is named Sundance...
    • Also, the alias Luna took in Luna Vs. Baseball, Selene, is the name of a moon goddess.
      • Lampshaded at one point when Pinkie Pie, trying to keep the secret, calls Luna both names in a row and adds, "I totally didn't mix up my mythologies!"
    • In "Ponies! In! SPAAACE!" Luna asks if she's to become the governor of Epona. Epona is the name of a Gaullian horse goddess.
  • I Knew It!: This fic actually managed to get quite a few things right about the canon version of Luna, such as her status as a Fish out of Temporal Water and Adorkable personality, as well as her using a Voice of the Legion at one point, among other things.
    • Sleepless in Ponyville revealed that Luna can enter other ponies' dreams.
  • Memetic Mutation: Since this fanfic gained popularity, it seems almost required that if you have Luna show up in a comedic fanfic, her abacus will either be nearby or mentioned. Grimdark and Sad fics don't need to follow this, but some have. The abacus has also appeared in several drawings as a background prop.
  • Moral Event Horizon: It's been suggested by some readers that Luna crosses this in "Luna Versus the Dreamlands 2", when she imprisons Discord within a dream within a dream within a dream as a statue in a white, featureless expanse. The resulting time dilation would have him passing millions of years within that space while time flows normally outside. In her defense, Luna did this to ensure he would not threaten Equestria again. Still, as the page says...
    • Given what Discord is suggested to have done to Equestria before his first imprisonment and what he did upon his escape, Luna's actions are arguably justified. Especially given the limited number of options when dealing with a being as powerful as Discord is. Luna might have been harsh in her punishment, but this troper doesn't believe she was evil. More of an Anti-Hero doing what no one else would and deserving of a What the Hell, Hero?.
  • Moe: Luna again.
    • Appleboom all the time. While Luna and baseball was pure Hearwarming, her desire to cheer Luna with her Totally Radical impersonation of Celestia would give you Diabetes.