YMMV / Profiler

  • Complete Monster: The Jack Of All Trades note , real name Albert Newquay, is a sinister Serial Killer who functions as the Arch-Enemy of FBI Profiler Samantha Waters. After a killing spree with no set MO—hence his moniker—Jack became obsessed with Sam and murdered her husband, later targeting people she knew to isolate her when she returned to the FBI. Murdering more people, Jack proceeded to frame Sam's mentor Bailey Malone for a murder, drugged Sam and tricked her into committing murder, thinking she was killing Jack in self defense. Abducting a fangirl of his, Jack tortured and brainwashed her into the Jill of All Trades, initiating a new killing spree with her. When Jill was captured by the police, Jack arranged her death and had a man he'd brainwashed into believing himself to be Jack of All Trades arrested by the police before later revealing his true identity to Sam and kidnapping her to make her a killer like himself. When this failed, he attempted to kidnap her daughter Chloe to turn Chloe against Sam forever and make it so Sam truly had nobody left. Sadistic, manipulative, and committed to making Sam his own, Jack sets the standard for killers on the show, with a body count few killers can even dream of.
  • Moe: Sam has almost constant Puppy-Dog Eyes, without even trying.