YMMV: Prince Roger

  • They called the planet where the Papists were wiped out in a religious war Armagh? They actually did that?
    • They named it that before the civil war that led to Satanism. Granted, it's a bit surprising they didn't bother to change the name afterward...
  • Mary Sue Classic: Rastar. Dear lord, Rastar. Lessee... Last ruler of a fallen people? Check. Improbably skilled fighter? Check. Impossibly noble and good-hearted? Check. Heroic death? Check. Put simply, it's lucky that Rastar is a minor character or he would be completely insufferable
  • Shout-Out: Am I the only one who sees a resemblance between Admiral Helmut and a certain Admiral Naismith? I can imagine a Miles who made it into the Fleet mellowing with age into somebody like Helmut.
    • And am I wrong or did Catrone hire the The A-Team to get Nimashet back?