YMMV / Pretty Cure Crossovers

Mai: Egret Flying KICK!
Setsuna: Wait, what?!
  • Les Yay: A whole damn lot in .hack PRETTY CURE. To be more specific Setsuna/Love, Setsuna/Hikari, Erika/Setsuna, Erika/Tsubomi, Erika/Inori, Miki/Itsuki, Kaoru/Saki, Saki/Setsuna, Nagisa/Honoka, Setsuna/Yuri, Nozomi/Rin, and Miyuki/Setsuna. Setsuna, as you might have noticed, is just a magnet for this.
  • Moral Event Horizon: In Future Wars, the gambler enforces the fix between games 7 and 8, thus ensuring the death of the guy he threatened into going along with the fix. Unlike the eight players complicit, though, he passes his own Karma Houdini.