YMMV / Power Gig: Rise of the SixString

  • Awesome Music: One of the few saving graces of the game.
  • Memetic Mutation: No one is more authentic than Kid Rock.
  • Sampled Up: Special mention goes to "All Summer Long" by Kid Rock, which mashes up "Sweet Home Alabama" by Lynyrd Skynyrd and "Werewolves of London" by Warren Zevon. Ironically, both are playable on their own on Rock Band, the former as DLC (a live version), and the latter on 3. This is as authentic as you can get, unfortunately, unless his exclusivity lapses at some point.
  • They Just Didn't Care: And it looks like they tried to take the music game genre with it.
    • The "real guitar" that it works with is awkward to use, both as a game controller and as a standalone instrument. One cannot simultaneously play the game AND use the guitar as a normal guitar, otherwise the game registers numerous over-strums.
    • The AirStrike drum peripheral was intended to give a quieter experience and be more space friendly than "traditional" drum controllers; however, the sensing technology was finicky at best to completely nonfunctional at worst; the player had to use the "special" drum sticks which came with the AirStrike and hold them in a specific way in order for the unit to register "hits" on the "drumheads".
    • While using Rock Band or Guitar Hero instruments, there are certain quirks. For guitars, the tilt sensor cannot be used to summon Mojo Power, and the whammy bar doesn't manipulate sustained notes; instead, it is used for summoning Mojo. For drums, it is difficult to summon Mojo Power without breaking combo due to the game's default drum controller using an extra pedal for this function. The player can enable automatic power summoning whenever the Mojo meter is maxed out; however, this can lead to inopportune power summonings.
    • The game claims to teach you guitar. It doesn't.
    • Downloadable content does not work, asking for a nonexistent title update.
    • The drum track uses a regular round note for the bass pedal in the middle of the target area instead of a special note spanning the target area, which can confuse some players, particularly those accustomed to the Guitar Hero drum kit, which uses 5 regular inputs plus the bass pedal. This is rather befuddling since the guitar track uses a target area-spanning note for open notes.
    • If one bothers to Read the Freaking Manual, and looks at the diagram illustrating the main gameplay screen, certain items that are listed are not marked in the image.