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Trivia: Power Gig: Rise of the SixString
  • Dueling Games: Both Guitar Hero and Rock Band, but the latter is the more direct competition, especially since RB3 is touting a lot of the same improvements that Power Gig is claiming. One of these completely bombed. Take a guess which one.
  • No Export for You: Power Gig was only officially released in the US, which is a shame as it is the only console rhythm game to include The Offspring's "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid."
  • Not Screened for Critics: Hardware edition. Seven45 Studios did not send any AirStrike drum kits to reviewers. The few who bought their own AirStrike for review noted that the peripheral looks nothing like a drum kit and its operation was very finicky at best to completely nonfunctional at worst due to a lack of tactile feedback; the player had to use the "special" drumsticks which came with the peripheral and hold them in a specific way in order for the unit to register a "hit" on a "drumhead".
  • Old Shame: On Seven45 Studio's website, the developer only lists two games, and both for iOS: Beat Pop and Soulo Karaoke. That's right, apparently Power Gig is Canon Discontinuity.

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