YMMV / Planetes

  • Action Girl / Faux Action Girl: Tanabe. She has brave moments, but often just goes screaming for her "sempai".
  • Anvilicious: Despite the very strong realism in sciences and overarching story that the series display, there is a definite lack of subtlety in how many plots are treated.
  • The Bad Guy Wins / The Extremist Was Right: The heavily debated interpretation of the Space Defense Front.
    • The Bad Guys Won; the Obviously Evil genocidal terrorist nations succeed in forcing the industrial nations which invested heavily in space and sacrificed lives to that effort to give up their investments, most likely causing a depression. It's unlikely that the "underdogs" will see a cent of that money, as it will likely go into the pockets of dictators - who just might be inspired by the SDF's success to further acts of terrorism. Ironically summed up by Hakim's rationale for joining the SDF: since fossil fuels are now obsolete, the oil trade that his home country had depended on could no longer provide significant revenue, making them take a back seat to nations that had already invested in alternative energy sources. Acquiescence to the SDF's demands means that the holders of the old hydrocarbon energy monopolies will still be pulling in significant amounts of money, and quite a few of them are not the nicest people ever. So, not only will dictators with ties to terrorism be rewarded, it will probably be the exact same dictators with ties to terrorism that are currently in power. 24 IN SPACE! anyone?
    • The Extremists Were Right; the united underdogs of earth succeed in forcing a bunch of fat cats to accept a deal that will prevent the rich nations able to afford space travel from getting dibs on all the solar system's resources while the rest of humanity is left to wither in war and poverty. Sure, they are willing to sacrifice a city of 100,000 in the process, but millions died and will continue dying from the wars and famine that INTO policies caused.
    • The most interesting part? In the manga, the SDF is just a means for industrial saboteurs to use Third World refugees as suicide bombers against rival companies. They're just the B plot of a single chapter - Ai and Hachi's relationship is the A plot. They dissolve in the ending text.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: Ninjas. Cringeworthy on their own, outlandish in the context of harder-than-hard scy-fi story about space exploration.
  • Crazy Awesome: Fee gets a wee bit psychotic during her Crowning Moment of Awesome. Sometimes Hachi, too.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: Since space is noiseless, the soundtrack has to rely on music to achieve the desired dramatic effect. It succeeds admirably.
    • The opening theme.
  • Ear Worm: The intro song.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Werner Locksmith, full stop.
  • The Scrappy: The fandom is divided on whether the Lunar Flying Squirrels are a pointless waste of space, or a worthwhile moment of levity. The vocal majority leans towards the former.
    • The former should be happy that all but one of them die when Locksmith tests the von Braun's engine prototype to destruction. The rest of us found the survivor's reappearance to be a Tear Jerker.