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Tear Jerker: Planetes
  • The episode of Planetes where we find out why Yuri became a debris collector.
  • The conclusion of episode 7: "Extraterrestrial Girl". "This is my ocean."
  • Gigalt, about Hakim, shortly before dying. "Why...? Why couldn't I think of one for him? Why couldn't I come up with a nickname...?"
  • The end of the series when Ai, who has been carrying an injured Claire - who she knows is a terrorist - cross-country over the moon and she sees the lights of the dome just as she runs out of air and she screams.
  • There was also the glorious subversion in Planetes. After the Wham Episode "Love," and the equally powerful episode 25, Hachimaki and Ai have returned to Section 7 for one last tour, the latter having recovered from her severe injuries. As they stand on the hull of the Toy Box, they begin a word game, naming objects that start with a specific letter. This is how Hachimaki proposes to Tanabe.
    Hachimaki: Haha, you lost the game.
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