!!The book/movie provide examples of:
* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: [[spoiler: At the very end when Louis buries Rachel in the burial ground, is it simply a case of him being driven mad with grief, leading to him repeating his mistakes all over again? Or deep down, does a part of him know that Rachel will simply become a murderous abomination just like Church and Gage did, and is doing it to get her to kill him in some sort of penance for what his actions resulted in, performing a sort of SuicideByCop if you will? Also, is Louis actually in control of his actions, or did he just break and became an empty shell, moved by whatever lives in the burial ground?]]
** More likely the latter, as he's outright stated to be insane.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: [[Music/TheRamones I don't wanna be buried in a pet sematary...]]
* MemeticMutation: "Sometimes, dead is better."
* {{Narm}}:
** When Rachel ascends the stairs to find Gage waiting for her, he's [[CreepyChild dressed in a little top hat and smock, holding an infant-sized cane]] like a tiny UsefulNotes/JackTheRipper.
** "Oz the Gweat and Tewwible" strikes some readers as creepy and some as mood-breakingly goofy. It's a hallmark of King's style to [[{{Bathos}} juxtapose the grim with the absurd]] (see ''Literature/{{It}}'' for many examples); whether it's clever or Narmy is up to the reader.
%%* ParanoiaFuel
* {{Squick}}: Once again, all over the place
* TheWoobie: Ellie Creed. [[OffscreenInertia At the end of the story]] she's sedated in the hospital, perhaps driven half-mad from unheeded psychic warnings, her brother is dead, [[spoiler: as is her mother, and her cat, and in the movie her father (though it's a given that he'll also die soon in the book)]]. And all this at the age of six...
** JerkassWoobie: Louis, who just won't learn his lesson about letting dead stay dead, but you can't help but pity him anyway.
*** Zelda, somewhat, too. She wasn't exactly nice, but she was a little girl in HORRIBLE PAIN and nobody could do anything about it.
*** Rachel.
*** Irwin Goldman, he hates Louis, but his latest anger towards Louis is partially justified due to [[spoiler:his grandson's death at a very young age and some of Irwin's rage towards Louis was probably out of grief too then just spite]].
* UncannyValley: People and animals brought back by the burying ground usually have this effect on the living. Even for those that aren't in the know, there's something just not ''right'' about them. Louis describes a time when Church jumped into a visitor's lap, and they almost immediately pushed the cat away, somehow sensing that there is something inherently ''wrong'' about the cat. [[spoiler:Jud's story about Timmy Baterman being brought back shows that it's even stronger with other humans.]]