YMMV / PJ Sparkles

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: There's hints that Mrs. O'Malley may know about the Wishing Star ad PJ's destiny, as she says goodbye to her as she leaves and tells her there's something extraordinary waiting for her soon. The fact that she has the same voice actress as the Crown, a part of the Wishing Star, adds to this, but it's never explicitly confirmed or denied.
  • Fridge Horror: As this Cracked article points out, there's a lot of unanswered questions and horrific implications for PJ's origins and powers.
    P.J.'s very existence depends on how much love the children give her. So, unless she can manage to bring the children back under her thumb, P.J. will die. And unless they follow P.J. adoringly, the kids better get used to a dark existence trapped in Twinkle Town forever.
  • Funny Moments: After getting rid of PJ, The Cloak and Betty sing their own version of the theme song.
  • The Scrappy: Not many people like the villains, particularly Betty, for being superfluous to the plot and needlessly gross.