YMMV / No-Rin

  • Fridge Horror: That catfight that happens in episode 3 while the students are planting rice in the field, and then gets everyone splattered by that stuff? The field is filled with water, and they are also trudging through knee-deep mud and manure (for fertilization) as they're planting. So the fact that the two girls weren't wearing much, and then get tossed around in that water/mud, means they probably had to shower for quite a long time to get all that stuff and stench off. And hopefully none of them accidentally swallowed or inhaled that water...
  • Hollywood Pudgy:
    • One of the Forestry Department members describes Minori as "pudgy" in episode 5 (to which she doesn't even bat an eyelash), but one would be hard pressed to notice it other than her impressive chest and rear.
      • This might be because she's often standing next to Ringo, who is a former model and thus, quite thin.
    • Then in episode 7, she, along with Ringo, Kousaku, and Kei, all become much chubbier due to Minori making too much food. They lose it a few scenes later, but not before Kousaku pokes fun at Minori for being the last to lose the weight, and accidentally sends a picture of her to her parents.
  • What an Idiot!: Kosaku falling for Rose's Pocky game.