YMMV / Never Dead

  • Breather Level: You get three visits to Arcadia's flat, and with it three chances to screw with her stuff and generally act like a cock.
  • Goddamn Bats: Grandpuppies. As the only creatures who can permanently kill Bryce they harry your every move. Killing them is futile as they respawn almost instantly, although their elementally charged versions can help charge up Bryce or can be punted at foes for a little damage.
    • During the battle with Alex, they provide a crucial utility by devouring his arms after you cut them off. It's nice to see enemies deal with the little bastards for a change.
  • That One Boss: The final throwdown with Astaroth is incredibly frustrating, with his attacks constantly blasting Bryce apart and extremely frustrating platforming in order to actually hurt the Big Bad.