YMMV / Nate and Hayes

  • Complete Monster: Ben Pease was once the partner of William "Bully" Hayes until Bully caught Ben subjecting innocents to slavery. The resulting fight had Bully shoot off Ben's private parts, and as a result, Ben has left a trail of murder across the seas to frame Bully for his crimes. Attacking a mission, Ben murders everyone except those he abducts to sell into slavery, and when the heroine Sophie takes one of his men hostage, Ben simply shoots the man to deprive her of a hostage. Allying with imperial Germany, Ben intends to supply them with slaves for their mines while also making an alliance with a cannibal tribe by giving them barrels full of severed heads and Sophie to use as a Human Sacrifice. Even at the end, Ben attempts to frame Bully for everything and see his nemesis hang in Ben's place.
  • Nightmare Fuel: We eventually learn that Ben Pease's barrels, which he intends to take to Ponape's king, are filled with severed heads.