YMMV / Mudhoney

  • Covered Up: "Hate the Police" was originally written by The Dicks, a punk band from Austin, TX. The song was (and still is) fairly well-known in the underground punk scene, however it didn't get nearly as much recognition until Mudhoney put their version (with slightly altered lyrics both to reference the band, and because the original lyrics are fairly hard to decipher at points) on "Superfuzz Bigmuff". According to Dicks frontman Gary Floyd, Mark Arm has tried to get him to sing it with Mudhoney live a few times, but he's refused to do so for various reasons, which got Mark to assume that Gary was, well, a dick for a while.
  • Genius Bonus: "Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge" is one of these for anyone who's taken music theory. When students begin learning about the clefs and the notes assigned to each line and space in order to read sheet music, they're typically given mnemonics to assist them, and that happens to be the most commonly used one to recall the notes (EGBDF) on the lines of the treble clef.