YMMV / Mordheim

  • Broken Base: As with most DLC, not everyone is too thrilled about having to pay $2 for an additional Hero character, or $8 for the four. This is especially true for the Smuggler, as this represents the only ranged option the Sisters can get (and she's really meant to look and feel like a Mercenaries unit so she's somewhat immersion-breaking besides).
  • Cult Classic: Has been noted as one of the only games that can induce hardcore 40K only players into the Warhammer Fantasy setting.
  • Demonic Spiders: AI-controlled Skaven are one of the most hated factions to face in Campaign. They WILL exploit their mobility to flank and take out your most important and vulnerable units, will steal your best or hardest-to-replace equipment and, due to the campaign stacking stats and dice rolls in the AI's favor, will oftentimes collectively have more health than your dedicated tanks, high enough dodge that 2/3 of your attacks will fail to connect, and will almost NEVER rout. A warband with a perfect run can be completely wrecked by an AI-ran Skaven warband of comparable rating, in a mission that would otherwise be labelled Normal.
  • Game Breaker: It's possible to play skirmish missions with other players that affect your warband's progression, and can result in both rewards and losses like a campaign mission. The problem is that players can create and dismiss warbands infinitely with no penalties. The logical conclusion is players working with their friends to create dummy warbands, letting the other player loot everything and then beat down the dummy's units. The player's warband gets tons of free loot, wyrdstone, and xp, while the dummy player loses nothing.
    • Looting AI warband's carts in campaign. For whatever reason, the AI carts are frequently loaded with valuable items, including multiple rares, and a quick run-by can lead to some nice items. As a bonus, the idol is right next door; grab it even if it's not your objective, and it'll immediately knock off half of the enemy's morale.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: Sadly, this has become a significant part of the game's fanbase, and even the dev subscribes to the ideology; expect any complaints about Fake Difficulty, The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, or the stacked dice to be met with severe resistance and cries of "get gud scrub", even from the developer.
    • There was once a point where the numbers were so stacked the only way to reliably beat the AI was to exploit AI flaws. The dev and fanbase believed this was the correct way to play the game. Think about that.