* [[SugarWiki/AwesomeArt Awesome Animation]]: His bread-and-butter was this.
* HarsherInHindsight:
** Monty outright compared himself to Creator/BruceLee, quoting him about Power, Speed and Accuracy. Tragically, like Lee, he died barely into his 30's, and both due to allergic reactions.
** His fans and friends' constant pleas for him to get some sleep take on a tragic turn now, considering how monstrously he must've pushed himself, and how sad it is that he's resting for good.
** Monty once said "The only thing that stops us from doing the really cool things is...time." After his death, that statement has never been more true.
** A few of the songs from ''WebAnimation/{{RWBY}}'' (namely "Red Like Roses Part II", "Time to Say Goodbye", "Wings", "All Our Days", and "Die") become this due to his passing.
** As does the scene in which Yang pleads with Blake to slow down and rest for her own sake and that of those who care about her.
** The line "Even brilliant lights will cease to burn" in "This Will be the Day" also counts.