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YMMV: Michael Jackson ONE
  • Glurge: If one doesn't subscribe to the Purity Sue depiction of Jackson and can't help thinking of his less-than-saintly behavior in Real Life and the horrific accusations made against him, this show slips into this territory. It doesn't help that the show has a Strawman News Media serving as the Big Bad, inspired by the constant claims Jackson and his supporters made that the media was responsible for most of the misery in his adult life, rather than his own questionable actions. That said, the show's general positive reception is a reminder that being glurge does not preclude a show from being quality entertainment.
  • Purity Sue: The show presents Michael Jackson as someone who, though no longer with us, is able to inspire and even (via his props) grant magical abilities to his followers.
  • Unfortunate Implications: The four Misfits are played by Caucasian or Asian performers, while Wink — a dancer who embodies Michael's moves/spirits and serves as an encouraging force to them — is played by a black man. It's hard not to think of the Magical Negro trope. As well, the show's use of Black and White Morality carries the implication that anyone who doesn't think of Jackson as a Mary Sue Classic is on the side of black-hearted evil.

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