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YMMV: Michael Clayton
  • Award Snub: If only Daniel Day Lewis hadn't given such a magnificent performance in There Will Be Blood. This movie might very well have garnered Clooney his second Oscar in as many years.
    • As well as Tom Wilkinson's supporting work.
  • Awesome Moments: Michael scares Karen shitless (she thinks he's dead and oh hey here he is!) and gets her to agree to wire ten million dollars to his offshore account. And then, hey, it's the cops and you're all under arrest. Badass.
    • Not to mention that background shot of Karen collapsing to the floor as everything comes crashing down on her.
  • Fridge Logic: Why did the police arrest Karen? When you get right down to it, she never actually admitted to anything incriminating.
    • Well, they didn't have her on Attempted Murder or Murder for Hire, but they had her dead to rights on bribery, and she's proven to be so brittle and borderline incompetent that it isn't a stretch to assume that the full list of her douchebaggery would come through over the course of a full investigation into her finances.
  • Spiritual Licensee: This movie has been called "The best John Grisham movie ever made".

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