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YMMV: Metamor Keep
  • Author Appeal: A duh.
    • Many people actually base character(s) off of random species that they happen to like. Matthias for example likes rats.
  • Author Existence Failure: Certain players have either focused more on the other series or in real life. However, this is averted as they usually leave behind notes or let their characters become NPCs.
  • Creator Breakdown: Some writers experienced this, often resulting in a Schedule Slip. One author had to vanish for awhile because he had a brain aneurism, another had parents die, and someone had pneumonia.
  • One of Us: There are writers who are tropers.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Evidently, there used to be a person on a mailing list named "Jason" who was annoying people. This inspired the character "Nasoj".
  • Rule of Funny: There's a list of "You might be from metamor keep if..." that's all intended for laughs.

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