!!YMMV Tropes in this work include:
* ChaoticGood: Mercedes.
* HoYay: In ''Frost Burned''...
--> (...) [Adam] and Asil disappeared together to take care of the who-was-the-biggest-baddest-wolf issue (...)
* IronWoobie: Stefan.
* LawfulGood: Charles, by the laws of the Marrok, anyway.
* ShippingBedDeath: Averted. Briggs does an excellent job of keeping [[spoiler: Adam and Mercy's marriage]] interesting, by showcasing that even if you love each other, it doesn't mean that you don't argue or have to work things out.
* TheWoobie: Anna, especially at first, when she's freshly brutalized by her first Alpha. By the third ''Alpha and Omega'' book, however, the trait is nearly gone.