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YMMV: Mass Effect Clash Of Civilizations
  • Fridge Logic: Saren is still the token bigot in this alternate timeline, for no other reason than the story needs one. It isn't helped by the fact that he is pretty much the only bigot around in this fic.
    • Also, the Asari were biologically engineered from ancient human DNA. How, why, and to what extent is not yet known. Was it the result of the direct intervention of the Forerunners? The Protheans? The Reapers? All three of them??? Are the Asari to be counted in the same genus as Homo sapiens? On the other hand, it would Hand Wave the whole Rubber-Forehead Aliens trope in a rather elegant way, so the verdict is still out as to whether or not its a case of Fridge Logic, or Fridge Brilliance.
    • It is mentioned in the Forerunner Saga that the Prehistoric Human Civilization after the Human- Forerunner War was split into multiple sub-species, collectively known as 'The People'. Over time, most of these subspecies would die out, leaving only Homo Sapien Sapiens as the single remaining variant. Perhaps the Asari are/ evolved from one of these sub-species?

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