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The Singer:

  • Big Brother Is Watching: A recurring theme since MAYA.
  • Broken Base - One half loves MAYA, while the other half hates it.
    • To a lesser extent "Come Around" ft. Timbaland off of Kala is either a fun and catchy song with a different sound or a shameful piece of mainstream trash that shows M.I.A. has Jumped the Shark.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome - The red band trailer of Pineapple Express was easily the best use of "Paper Planes" of 2008.
  • Ear Worm: Hoo, boy:
    • fast, die young, bad girls, do it well, live fast, die young...
    • War! War! War! Talkin' bout y'all's such a bore. I'd rather talk about moi.
    • Steppin' up in the club, all tooled up like a thug.
      • Rub-a-dub-dub, rub-a-rub-a-dub-dub.
      • Bass lines 'n ass, anythin' fast, hoppin on one leg, yeah I'm on my f'n last.
    • I GOT STICKY-STICKY-ICKY-ICKY WEEEEEEED! Like a shot-a teqkilla in meeee...
    • EX EX EX OH~
      • You want me beeeeeeeeee somebody who I'm really not~
    • Jimmy! Aaja!
    • I really love Allah love a lot~
      • Shuck-a-lucka-la, shuck-a-lucka-lee, shuck-a-lucka-lucka-lucka-lucky, lucky me.
    • Boys there? (How many?)
      • How many no-money boyz are rowdy, how many start a war?!
    • London! Quiet down, I need to make a sound!
    • I was booooooooooorn FREE!
    • M.I.A, comin' back with powah, powah!
    • What can I get for 10 dolla?
      • ANYT'ING YOU WAN'!
    • Telllllllllllll meeeeeeeeeeeee why...
    • WARNING: Listening to "Let Me Hump You" off Vicki Leekz may lead to crippling reputation damage.
    • "London Calling, speak the slang now.... Slam Galang galang galang"
  • 8.8 - Pitchfork gave MAYA a 4.4/10. Some people were not happy.
  • Memetic Mutation - ALL I WANNA DO IS *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* *BANG* AND *click* *ca-CHING* AND TAKE YOUR MO-NAY.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap - A lot of fans who hated MAYA liked Vicki Leekx more and felt that it was a return to form.
  • Sampled Up - "Paper Planes" samples the lesser-known The Clash song "Straight to Hell."
    • "URAQT" samples... the theme song from Sanford and Son?
    • "Meds & Feds" samples "Treats" by Sleigh Bells but speeds it up and gives it a harsher sound.
    • "Born Free" samples "Ghost Rider" by Suicide for its signature synth pulse. Suicide's keyboardist even performed the song live with M.I.A. on David Letterman.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks MAYA.
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The video for "Boyz".
  • Wild Mass Guessing: Based on M.I.A's discography up to "Mathangi". One could theorize that her albums are a sort of biography of her life:
    • "Arular", named after her father, reflects on her early childhood memories and the circumstances that led her family (excluding dad) to the UK.
    • "Kala", after her mother, could be her growing up in West London as a Sri Lankan refugee, which would definitely shape her work later in life.
    • "MAYA" shows her recent life, having gained world recognition and fortune, getting married and on the way of becoming a mother: living the life of a bona-fide Hollywood celebrity (not something she-a refugee of civil war from London-would ever have though of becoming as an adult). It was obviously a time of transitions and uneasiness for her (news sources say she basically felt uncomfortable in LA).
    • The soon to be release album "Mathangi", may be her hopes for the future, now settled with her son and once again travelling the world.

The My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic/Halo Crossover Fanfic:

  • The Woobie: You can't help but pity Jorge's situation, especially because of the unfair treatment he recieves from the ponies.

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