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YMMV: Love Stage
  • Hey, It's That Voice!: Tsubasa Yonaga and Takuya Eguchi has been announced as the voice actors for Izumi and Ryouma respectively. It has been recently announced that Daisuke Hirakawa will be voicing Rei.
    • Recently, a plethora of the voice cast has been announced:
    • Shougo Sena will be played by Eiki Eiki's brother, Daigo (who has some voice acting history with Cardfight Vanguard). Coincidentally, Tsubasa Yonaga voices the main character of this anime as well like with Cardfight Vanguard.
    • Sayaka Ohara is Nagisa Sena
    • Ryōhei Kimura is Takahiro Kuroi (Izumi's friend in the manga club). Kimura, Yonaga and Eguchi are all part of a unit called Trignal so it's quite surprising to see all three of them in a BL anime.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Izumi is very feminine in appearance naturally, he confuses many people into thinking he's a girl without being dressed up as one.
  • What Could Have Been: Zaou Taishi wanted Shougo as the uke, but Eiki Eiki didn't want a character based on her brother to be an uke. Also, Ryouma was going to be named Yamato before they settled with Ryouma.

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