YMMV: Love Is Deffinatly Blind

  • Draco in Leather Pants: the whole point behind the fic.
  • Mary Sue: Reilly is to an extent, but Damien takes the cake, being the girlfriend of Freddy freaking Krueger and the daughter of Michael Myers.
  • Relationship Sue: Damien is one for Freddy Krueger, and Reilly is one for Jason Voorhees.
  • Squick: The sex scene between Freddy Krueger and Damien. Keep in mind that Freddy Krueger suffers from horrible third-degree burns all over his body.
  • Strangled by the Red String: Freddy Krueger and Damien Knight, as well as Jason Voorhees and Reilly.
  • Sympathetic Sue: Damien Knight.