YMMV / Lost in Austen

  • Crowning Moment Of Bloody Marvelous: Mrs. Bennett's telling off of Lady Catherine.
    Mr. Bennett: "Tally ho, wife!"
    • Topped moments later by Jane's telling off of Collins.
  • Mary Sue: The series bears all the hallmarks of a self-insert Mary Sue fanfiction, from Amanda singing contemporary songs for no apparent reason, to everyone up to and including Caroline Bingley falling in lust with Amanda.
    • The first two episodes in particular are a pretty scathing Deconstruction of the modern interpretation of Regency fiction and Mary Sue-ism.
      • Still, as said, the series does hit a very large amount of Mary Sue tropes (in addition to the above, theres also "modern-day woman travels back in time to the events of her favourite book", Amanda ending up with Mr. Darcy and the various different characterizations of characters from the book)).