YMMV / Little Samson

  • Awesome Art: Just look at some of the boss sprites and backgrounds! Like other game visuals by Kiyoshi Utata, they are very impressive for an NES game.
  • Cult Classic: The game was very obscure and saw little to no success back in 1992. Nowadays copies of the game command a very high premium, and even used cartridges can go upwards of $500 on eBay if you're lucky! (just the manual alone can fetch a couple hundred bucks!)
  • Nightmare Fuel: As awesome as the bosses look, their appearances can be quite the shock to anyone playing this expecting everything to look as cutesy as the playable characters.
  • That One Boss: The Grim Reaper, who One Hit Kills the player if he collides with them and has an extremely obnoxious habit of teleporting right on top of them if they aren't careful.