YMMV / Little Fighter 2

  • Demonic Spider: Mark is a surprisingly formidable Mook, who likes to spam his charging shoulder rush move that flings you across the stage and effectively renders him immune to close-range attacks (unless you manage to get him from behind) and takes a lot more damage than other mooks up to that point.
    • Knights are even worse, requiring that they be hit twice in rapid succession before they even take damage (the Final Boss is the only other character that does this.) The only real tradeoff is that they have no special attacks.
  • Fanon: Good luck finding any fanwork where Freeze and Firen are NOT brothers.
  • Game-Breaker:
    • Rudolf can transform into any character by grabbing them, or create weak clones of himself at a high mana cost. If Rudolf transforms into the boss Julian, uses his mirror image ability, then transforms back into Rudolf and into Julian again, he is able to create a whole army of Julian clones practically for free! Said clones are able to use all of Julian's most powerful moves...
    • Henry + Beer = Sonata of Death until you die. To elaborate, Sonata of Death levitates sufficiently close enemies into the air so they are helpless while damaging them. Beer quickly restores MP to use it again. When Sonata of Death ends, the players hit with it fall to the ground and must wait a few seconds to get up. As long as Henry has MP, players hit by Sonata of Death are effectively helpless and the flute starts fast enough to make it difficult to counter with melee attacks.
    • Freeze's ice ball not only froze enemies, but also reflected enemy projectiles back as another ice ball. This was the single best projectile from back in the first Little Fighter before it was eventually Nerfed with the introduction of stronger projectiles and only being able to convert weaker energy balls.
  • Sequel Displacement: How many people who've played the game would even remember that there's a game before it if not for the 2 in the title?