YMMV / Laid to Rest

  • Complete Monster: ChromeSkull is a psychopathic Serial Killer of mostly young ladies. He tapes his murders with a shoulder-mounted video camera and sends them to the police, after which he puts his victims' bodies in coffins. Prior to the film he's already killed dozens of girls in different states-one of which was tied up lying on top of another of his victim's naked, implying rape-preparing to make Princess (a drug-addicted prostitute he had caused to lose her memory after beating her in the head with a bat) his next victim. He locks her in a coffin inside a funeral home; when the mortician he was in league with starts to become a liablity he kills him. Once Princess escapes his grasp, ChromeSkull tracks her to Tucker's house, killing Cindy along with her brother and his girlfriend. Upon reaching the police station he kills the sheriff and deputy. Running out of tapes for his camera he has Princess go get him one from the store; when the teenage clerk and customers find out he turns the clerk's shotgun on him and blows his head off. He kills Steven's face to explode by injecting canned tire inflator into his ear before killing Tucker who performs a Heroic Sacrifice to buy Princess and Tommy time to escape. Returning from the brink of death in the sequel, ChromeSkull continues his killing spree. He breaks into the house of a legally-blind waitress girl named Jessica and kills her visiting friend. Trapping Jess in a coffin, he kills most of the group of officers who come to save her and nearly does the same to the detective.
  • Evil Is Cool: Yeah, ChromeSkull is a thoroughly despicable man, but ... those knives ... that mask ... those unique kills ...
  • Foe Yay: A deleted scene and the film's commentary reveals that the corpse ChromeSkull kisses before heading out in 2 is Princess's.
  • Idiot Plot/Idiot Ball: Many of the victims and main characters do stupid things that get them killed or endangering their lives.
  • Making Use of the Twin: Due to the complexity of her death, Laurie from 2 was played by twins.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Pretty much any of the gore scenes.
  • What an Idiot!: One of the agents in 2 pulls out her gun when Mrs. Cromeans is about to shoot herself. Yeah, that's totally gonna convince her not to pull the trigger, you genius.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tucker, whose act of kindness results in his wife's murder, and his own death, which was rendered pointless by Princess's death in 2. The same goes for Steven.
    • Jessica, more so than Princess. She's going to become blind and needs medication for it, then sees her friend brutally killed and is kidnapped by ChromeSkull, and basically just spends the rest of 2 being tormented.
  • You Look Familiar: Johnathon Schaech, who played Johnny in Laid to Rest, also plays Agent Sells in 2.