YMMV / La Caravana

  • Acceptable Targets: Almost everybody, but poor people like Margarito in La Pirinola, Estetoscopio in his sketch and gay people like Trujillo's character in Los Reos are the most notable cases.
  • Everyone Is Jesus in Purgatory: For years in Mexico, La Pirinola sketch has become this, as an analysis of how succesful people like the Jerkass gameshow host Johnny Latino can go scot-free against poorer people like Margarito who is unable to defend or do anything for changing the status quo of the show and keep going, despise he's going to lose every single time.
  • Memetic Mutation: Despise the show only last for 5 years, most of the well-known phrases of the show are still used today, two decades after the original show ended:
    • Johnny Latino's catchphrase towards Margarito ¡LASTIMA, MARGARITO! became an Ascended Meme in Mexican society and it became synonymous of Epic Fail.
    • Brozo's many catchphrases also became popular memes like Hacer el Prau-Prau (Doing the Prau-Prau) who became synonymous of having sex or receiving a beating.
  • The Woobie: After losing BIG TIME too many times, you will start to feel pity for Margarito and wanted him to win, at least a single time.