YMMV / Koda Kumi

  • Archive Panic: She's only been making music since 2000, but she's released 14 studio albums (that tend to have long tracklists), in addition to 58 singles (most of which have single-exclusive B-sides and remixes) and 7 compilation albums (all of which also have new material on them), 9 remix albums and 2 cover albums. And that's not counting her collaborations with other artists or special event-only releases.
  • Ear Worm: Many of her songs are difficult to get out of your head, even if you don't like her.
    • Examples: Trust Me and real Emotion.
  • Internet Backdraft: Her cover of hide's "Pink Spider". To say people had an immense freakout, would be an understatement and the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement plays an effect here.
  • Never Live It Down: Despite her many hit songs and record sales, the most notorious moment in her career by far comes from when she hosted the late night talk show All Night Nippon in 2008, where she made a comment about how women should have children young because their "amniotic fluid" starts to rot after they turn 35. Unsurprisingly, this attracted a huge amount of controversy from people who were rightfully offended (as well as those who were shocked that someone who graduated high school believed this was how the female body works)note  Due to this, she lost most of her endorsement deals and her label (Avex) cancelled all promotions for her album Kingdom. She later went on television to make a tearful apology, but most people weren't swayed, and many cite this as the main cause for her decline in popularity in The New '10s. Any online message board where her name comes up will usually have one if not several comments made about this incident, especially since she herself is now almost 35.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: Many of her purely-pop songs are this.