YMMV: Kiss The Girls

  • Complete Monster: Casanova is a Serial Killer and sexual sadist who kidnaps young women and locks them up in an underground dungeon in the woods. He considers himself a "collector," drugging and tying up his victims to create a captive harem and forcing them to take part in his twisted fantasies. Any girls who break his rules (escaping from their restraints, talking to the other girls) are either murdered by lethal injection or tied to a tree outside to die of starvation and exposure. While it initially seems that he's so deluded that he actually believes he "loves" them, he later admits that it's purely about possessing something he wants and that he wants to break them down completely through rape and torture. He has an allegiance with another Serial Killer from the West Coast known as "the Gentleman Caller", but their connection is purely for his own gratification as he considers the other one expendable and simply wants to share his crimes with another sicko. He's eventually revealed to be one of the cops working on the case and visits Kate, his only victim who escaped by herself, to rape and kill her. When she fights him off, he tears out the gas tubes in her kitchen to blow them both up. When detective Alex Cross arrives after having figured out his identity, Casanova taunts him by pointing out how he molested Cross's niece, one of his last victims, for more than a week.