YMMV / Kiss the Girls

  • Complete Monster: "Casanova" is a Serial Killer and Serial Rapist who, as a self-proclaimed "collector of loves", kidnaps young women and locks them up in an underground dungeon in the woods to create a captive harem he can use to act out his twisted fantasies. Any girl who breaks his rules or tries to escape is either murdered by lethal injection or tied to a tree to die of starvation and exposure. He admits that his motive for all this is purely the thrill he gets in possessing other human beings and breaking them down completely through rape and torture. His allegiance with the "Gentleman Caller", a fellow serial killer from the West Coast, is similarly self-interested as he sees him as expendable. Near the end he visits the only girl who escaped by herself to complete his attempted murder of her. When detective Alex Cross arrives on the scene after having figured out Casanova's real identity, Casanova taunts Cross by pointing out how he molested Cross's niece, one of his last victims, for more than a week.