YMMV: King Of The Nerds

  • Broken Base: The show as a whole is either a fun tongue-in-cheek celebration of geek/nerd culture, or a humiliating farce meant to demean people with geeky hobbies and interests depending on who you ask.
    • There was also a schism over the manner in which the winner of season 1 was chosen — namely, through a popularity contest among the other contestants. While some viewers felt it was appropriate and had no problem with it, others felt that an individual crowned King of the Nerds should be chosen by merit rather than popularity, and were fairly vocal about their displeasure.
      • Judging by his comments during the Season 2 finale, Chris was one of those who was unhappy with the popularity contest.
  • Internet Backdraft: The aforementioned controversy about the determination of the season 1 winner. They even pointed it out in the letter about it, as shown bolded below:
    Letter from the producers: People are always asking us — well, someone did the other day — "What do you guys have planned for the season finale this time? I mean, don't get us wrong. We loved the show, the nerds were great, the challenges were awesome and the two of you in particular have never looked more youthful and sophisticated. But, truth be told, we didn't care for the ending so much. I mean, after weeks of bracing, inspiring, highly intellectual — not to mention funny and heartwarming — nerd challenges, the winner wound up being decided by a POPULARITY CONTEST? What was that all about?"
    (We should mention that some of your comments were phrased a little differently, but you get the idea.)
  • The Scrappy: Zack in Season 2. Not just among the fans but the other contestants. Even his own teammates were against him.
    • In real life he did reconcile, and isn't as universally hated as other Reality Tv scrappies due to his intentions and the fact he had to put up with death threats during the show's run.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: When Alana uses her "Powers of the Dark Side" in episode 2, the music they play sounds extremely similar to The Imperial March.
  • What an Idiot: In Episode 4, Alana and Genevieve get sent into the Nerd Off, which they're told is going to be comics-related. Genevieve uses the time before the Nerd Off to study up on the subject, while Alana doesn't. Needless to say, Alana gets utterly destroyed in the Nerd Off. What makes this What an Idiot material is the fact that, in a Confession Cam segment after the Nerd Off, Alana attributes her loss to the fact that she's only been reading comics since the 1990s. So she decided not to study for a subject that she knew she wasn't too well-versed in, that she knew the Nerd Off was going to be about...yeah, no wonder it was a Curbstomp Battle.