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YMMV: Kindred: The Embraced
  • Base Breaker: Vampire: The Masquerade fans either loved the show or hated it. Admittedly, even the ones who liked it tended to view it as Camp.
  • Complete Monster: Goth is a Nosferatu who takes very Sabbat-like attitudes to humanity and is deeply involved with black magic. He attempts to lead the Nosferatu to his way of thinking. There's also attempting to commit Human Sacrifice with a baby. He's not a nice guy.
    • Stark is a Kindred serial killer.
    • A Doctor is killed because he's feeding off of terminally ill children.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Julian proved to be a far more popular character over Frank with viewers and critics alike. One of the major changes that were planned for Season 2 was having Frank written out and Julian made the lead. It is also the reason why Showtime didn't simply recast the character or write in a new one when Mark Frankel died.
    • Frank's outsider status made him difficult to involve in Kindred plots versus Julian's dead center role in them.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Mark Frankel, the man whose untimely death prevented the show from making a Channel Hop to Showtime, played a member of the living dead on the show.
  • The Scrappy: Frank. One critic remarked that his character felt like a transplant from a bad cop movie. Howell's less-than-stellar acting didn't help much either. As mentioned above, plans for the scraped 2nd season largely involved removing him and making Julian the lead.
    • Which was unnecessary as he'd already been moved to a subordinate role in the show.
  • Rule-Abiding Rebel: Cash, and most of the Gangrel clan that appear in the series. Mainly due to the fact, they have to keep the masquerade solely out of self-preservation. Then out of loyalty to the Sire, ally themselves with Luna's group.
  • What Could Have Been: Season 2.
  • Word of God says that had the show returned for a second season, elements such as the Malkavians, the Tremere, werewolves, and the Sabbat would have been gradually introduced.

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