YMMV / Kamala

  • Awesome Music: His entrance music.
  • Badass Decay: As a face. Bobby Heenan even acknowledged this on commentary at the start of the Kamala-Kim Chee match on the USA Network March 28 (taped March 7), 1993 March to WrestleMania IX special, saying that Kamala didn't have the same kind of killer instinct that he had when he was with Harvey Wippleman and Kim Chee.
  • Dork Age:
    • His babyface run in 1993.
    • His appearance on the July 26, 2004 Raw, where the Diva Search Idiots were supposed to try to "seduce" him, and, of course, none of them knew who he was.
  • The Woobie: Not getting paid, losing his leg to diabetes, which cost him his career, yes, he qualifies. He lost his other leg a little under a year later due to the same thing.