* LesYay: Enormous amounts of it, and it's not always just teasing. Akira with Mayu, Chun-Lan, and pretty much any girl; Yu-Ling with any girl; Miller with Nobuo, in volumes 6-7 [[spoiler:Julian]], from volume 11 on [[spoiler:Sutton]], and lots of random guys; Yui and Midori; from volume 12 on, [[spoiler:Kaede and Mamoru]].
* NightmareFuel: Many flashes-backs, dreams and/or hallucinations sequences.
* NoYay: Some of Akira's admirers are very creepy.
* TheScrappy: [[AttentionWhore Mayu]].
%%* {{Squick}}: Where do we ''start''?
%%Where do you start? Anywhere is fine. Nowhere, which is where this example starts as written, is NOT fine.
* TheWoobie: Oh, ''Midori''.