YMMV / Kagemusha

  • Narm: When Oda Nobunaga goes to fight, he sees a European Catholic priestsnote  giving him his blessing. Nobunaga, being a patron of the Jesuit priests in Japan at the time, smirks, raises a triumphant first, and cries out, ‘Amen!’ with the inflection of a boastful samurai.
  • Tear Jerker: The eponymous character getting kicked out of the castle, and being heartbroken at the thought of never seeing his ‘grandson’ he learned to care so deeply for. Then he sees that grandson during Shingen's funeral procession. Then he sees the clan he’s become so close to getting wiped out, and tries to charge at the enemy himself as a final act of loyalty... predictably becoming a Curb-Stomp Battle. As he's dying, he tries to reach the banner of Shingen he sees floating down the river...