YMMV / Jin

  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: 19th century Edo as a whole during the cholera. Without panic or resignation they organize a quarantine, care for the sick, instantly understand Jin's explanations of what causes it and how to treat it without much superstitious awe or clinging to past ideas and then proceed to manufacture the needed medical tools en masse with only manual skills. They beat back an epidemic that scourged them many times with sheer comprehension and discipline and show themselves as anything but Medieval Morons.
  • Nausea Fuel: This manga doesn't shy away from showing all the dark parts of medical profession.
    • The fetus in the man's brain, the one which ends up sending Jin to the past. A full-blown Fetus Terrible, blooded and landing straight into Uncanny Valley.
    • The victims of cholera are shown both puking and suffering from severe diarrhea, and no Vomit Discretion Shot for us, oh, no. Jin goes for close-ups!
    • Jin's opponent's cholera choses to manifest itself as he stands up to confront him, ending with the man vomiting right into Jin's face.
    • The description of syphillis' patients' problems - her bones are rotting, her muscles are rotting, her nose has already rot...
    • When Jin opens a patient's skull, blood spurts out of it straight into the "camera".
  • Squick:
    • Open-brain surgery — with carpenter tools. And a bursting cerebral edema. Also, it's hard to preserve much dignity when suffering from cholera and a cholera epidemic is no fun for anyone.
    • There's also the geisha girls dying of syphillis and other venereal diseases. The withered, skeletal looks on their faces simultaneously bring out Nightmare Fuel and Tear Jerker.