YMMV / Jabberjaw

  • Ear Worm:
    • The opening theme.
    • The song "Jabberjaw" by Pain.
  • Memetic Mutation: "Me and my friends get no respect—!" from the Groovie.
  • The Scrappy: Jabberjaw himself is sometimes cited as a very annoying character that makes a lot of people non-fans of the show.
  • Shipping: Hanna-Barbera subtext strikes again.
    • It is often divided up with Biff/Shelly and Bubbles/Clamhead. However, sometimes it is reversed.
    • Clamhead and Shelly do split up together with Jabber in several episodes of the show.
    • Some people will ship Jabber/Shelly due to their Foe Yay, even though there are naturally some issues with that. But then again, Jabberjaw isn't exactly biologically accurate that much anyway.
    • In "Hang On To Your Hat Jabber" at the end Jabber gets one last wish with the helmet. He makes Shelly like him complete with kiss sound effects and Jabber then winking as the episode ends after his Everybody Laughs Ending joke.
  • "Weird Al" Effect: For some people under the age of 20, they might know of it but mostly from the Groovie. As towards the early 2000s the Groovie was more seen than the actual show on Cartoon Network. But this is very unlikely for most kids of the 1970s, '80s and Early '90s, who have no problem at least remembering the cartoon.