YMMV / It Lives by Night

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Between asshole John, whiny Cathy and pervy Sheriff Ward, there's no one to identify with. That, and the actual darkness, as the lighting in the film is pretty awful, too.
  • Designated Hero: Sheriff Ward is supposed to be the hero, and not the Stalker with a Crush, right?
  • Fan Nickname: Sheriff Ward: "Sheriff Menacing W. Pervert"
  • Narm: John's sudden, violent and extremely goofy looking seizures.
    • And in general, the fact that what being attacked by a bat turned Johnny into... well, something that looks far more ape than bat, but they were probably going for bat... man.
      Mike: Oh, he was also bitten by an Ecuadorian bald-faced monkey.
      Servo: (as John) Oook, oook, oook... I mean... squeak! squeak! squeak!
    • Either that, or the classic Wolf Man makeup with a spear nose. Eh, it was Stan Winston's first feature film credit, so we'll cut him some slack.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The poster you see on the main page. It is kind of freaky.
  • Special Effect Failure:
    • See Narm above. Side note: the makeup effects were done by the legendary Stan Winston.
    • Not a special effect per se, but the close up of a bat is obviously a bat being held still by its wings. The poor thing is in pain.
  • Squick: Bat bombardments.
  • Unintentionally Unsympathetic: Johnny, to an nth degree. He starts out as a smarmy Jerk Ass, and just builds from there. Even though he's not supposed to be in control of himself when he does it, it's pretty much impossible to sympathize the guy when he starts killing people. Just to ratchet up his dickness even further, he later says that leaving his wife behind will be his only regret about becoming a bat-dude (So no remorse for the murders he committed, huh?). The one time he manages to show enough restraint to not take an innocent life is when he forces a nurse to unlock a blood storage cabinet for him, but his creepy, breathy menace in manhandling the poor woman and her (distressingly convincing) terrified crying while he holds her down give the whole scene the extremely uncomfortable vibe of a sexual assault. Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.