YMMV: It Lives by Night

  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Between asshole John, whiny Cathy and pervy Sheriff Ward, there's no one to identify with. That, and the actual darkness, as the lighting in the film is pretty awful, too.
  • Narm: John's sudden, violent and extremely goofy looking seizures.
    • And in general, the fact that what being attacked by a bat turned Johnny into... well, something that looks far more ape than bat, but they were probably going for bat... man.
      Mike: Oh, he was also bitten by an Ecuadorian bald-faced monkey.
    • Either that, or the classic Wolf Man makeup with a spear nose. Eh, it was Stan Winston's first feature film credit, so we'll cut him some slack.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The poster you see on the main page. It is kind of freaky.
  • Special Effect Failure: See Narm above. Side note: the makeup effects were done by the legendary Stan Winston.
  • Squick: Bat bombardments.