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YMMV: Inquisitor
  • Crowning Moment of Awesome: Any player character lucky enough to avoid death will eventually get at least one.
    • Of course, the more 'normal' your character is the more impressive his awesome moments are.
  • Game Breaker: Space Marines. Not just because they're overpowerednote , but because they literally break the system with their abilities: thanks to his immense Strength score, a Space Marine can dual-wield lascannons with no penalty, do more damage by throwing his bolter at you than by shooting it, and hurl a grenade across the length of the battlefield with pinpoint accuracy. The Lightning Reflexes talent was also a Game Breaker, as it fundamentally altered the way gameplay and action assignment worked when used as-written; the game developers attempted to errata the talent, but never decided on a final way to fix it before the game dropped off the radar.
    • It should be noted that the Dark Magenta fan-written magazine has however written rules that fix these two issues. And in Inquisitor, as all characters are written by hand anyway (with no points values - Ready Reckoner? What Ready Reckoner?), fan material is entirely valid in the game, and even recommended.

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