YMMV / Incredible Crisis

  • That One Level:
    • "Pound for Pound", which requires you to pick six items that add up to weigh a certain amount, all under a very strict time limit. Since the items and weight goal are randomized each time, there's no brute forcing it, so you better be damn good at doing math on the fly (or repeatedly pausing to write things down) or you will never get past it outside of sheer luck.
    • "Etsuko and the Golden Pig" is a Rhythm game la DDR, except the notes will sometimes change positions on you, and the buttons you need are spread across the controller. It does tell you ahead of time which buttons you'll need to press, but it goes by so quickly and the tiny moving piggies are so hypnotic you're not likely to recall much of it. To make matters worse, you need to play eight of the tunes correctly to advance, and your panic meter never goes down in this game. At least it's merciful enough to play each tune twice in a row...
    • "Snowboarding with Wolves" has a confusing control scheme in that you're expected to dodge attacks with the left and right directional buttons, but since Etsuko is on a snowboard, she carves through the snow, meaning she'll continue left or right until you press the opposite button. This is one of the mini-games where hitting the wall on either side will cause your panic meter to rise, as well. Couple all this with her shrill shrieking every time she's hit, and this quickly becomes one of the most tedious and annoying mini-games in the game.
      • In short, Etsuko's section of the game is likely the one were you'll be blowing your top the most.