* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Obviously with Trent like [[spoiler: if he's a fictional character within another fictional story or just a guy who's mentally insane and little to none of the movie actually happens.]]
* AwesomeMusic: The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=--wAw7gBQxU main theme]].
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* CriticalDissonance: Critics gave this film an average reception, receiving only 47% on Website/RottenTomatoes. Fans and viewers called it Carpenter's best film of TheNineties, receiving 71% on the website.
* HilariousInHindsight: In this movie, a Stephen King {{expy}} reveals that his novels are just him channeling the wishes of an eldritch being. A decade later, the ''real'' King wrote himself into his Dark Tower series, claiming that his novels are just him channeling the wishes of an eldritch being.
* JerkStu: Trent is deliberately set up like this in order to be [[ShootTheDog knocked down]].
* MemeticMutation: The "Did I ever tell you my favorite color is blue" scene is a minor meme on the net.
* {{Narm}}: If you've seen other horror movies, particularly other works of Clive Barker, this one will seem, well, ''silly'' in comparison. Possibly due to the more subtle {{Cosmic Horror|Story}} genre becoming [[TheThemeParkVersion Hollywood Horror]].\\
For example: [[SubvertedTrope the]] [[NoBikesInTheApocalypse bicyclist]] who is ''[[BewareOfHitchhikingGhosts passed on the highway more than once!]]'' Then the [[PlayingWithATrope last time]] he's accidentally run into by the car, but he's OK and wanders off.
* OneSceneWonder: Jürgen Prochnow and Charlton Heston, both of whom have only a few minutes of screen time. David Warner and John Glover may also qualify.
* ParanoiaFuel:
** Your life could be [[spoiler: a product of an insane author. The color of your eyes are just his favorite color.]]
** The movie adaptation of the Sutter Cane's book that slowly makes you insane and turns you into a monster? [[spoiler:You just watched it.]]
* RetroactiveRecognition: The paper boy who Trent meets [[spoiler:after he leaves Hobb's End]]? Yep, that's [[Film/AttackOfTheClones Hayden]] [[Film/RevengeOfTheSith Christensen]].
* SpecialEffectFailure: [[spoiler:Linda]]'s bloody tears.