YMMV / Imperium Nova

YMMVs central to the game itself

  • Memetic Mutation: Largely averted, though many are imported from this very wiki. Notably, referring at something (well, everything) as being IN SPACE.

Galaxy Baade

  • Magnificent Bastard: Konstantine Ivanov, once Baade's resident evil doer. He managed to avoid punishment for murder so many times that even when he was caught he managed to play galactic society as a whole and get away with little more than a slap on the wrist.
    • His replacement, Arthfael Daunt, does it with even more style.

Galaxy Draco

  • Magnificent Bastard: Subverted by Overlord Jago Ragnarok. His spy in the Emperor's Court was exposed, his attempt to spread the plague across the galaxy failed to make it off a single planet, and his plague-bomb that was supposed to infect the Court of Nobles malfunctioned. He was so incompetent that he even escaped blame (posthumously) for the actual murders that took place at the Council.

Galaxy Eridanus

  • Moment of Awesome: Oscar going into the Void. Alone. With no training. To rescue his sister. Because the alternative was letting his wife and brother-in-law go.
  • Toy Ship: Iowerth Quest and Saeko Houraisan, although not so toy anymore.

Galaxy Gemini

  • Magnificent Bastard: Michael Sheridan of Gemini's backstory must have been, if he was able to unite and preserve an Empire around neighbors like these.

Galaxy Avalon

  • Magnificent Bastard: William Cartheon, once Emperor of Avalon, as well as Osborn Barinthus, both displayed traits of magnificent bastardry.

Galaxy Fornux

Old Draco

  • Magnificent Bastard: Sylvester Adcox, a longtime retainer of House von Dracostern, was perhaps the most influential man in the history of the galaxy.