YMMV / Ibara

  • Good Bad BugPink Sweets has this in the form of infinite lives. It's used in order to crank up the rank so high that it makes Mushihime Sama look like a walk in the park. At least that would be the case, if not for the ability to cancel bullets...
  • Scrappy Weapon: The Rose Hips in Pink Sweets. Shooting enemies with them adds nothing to your score.
  • The Unfavorite - This game in comparison to other cave games with the main reasons being Yagawa's trademark rank systems, the bugs, and the sheer fact it's nothing like a typical Cave game. (Yagawa games encourage rank control, bombing for score, strategic suicides and avoiding power ups) It shares this distinction with Muchi Muchi Pork, another Yagawa-programmed game of Cave's.
    • Another factor is that the few Cave games Yagawa did are easily counterstopped (a black sign for a shmup) while his Raizing games would go into letters upon hitting the number cap.