!![[Literature/IRobot The Asimov book]]

* FairForItsDay: Asimov wrote his stories with Susan Calvin at a time when nearly all women were [[DamselInDistress captured by the villain]], or love interests. Still, he stuck mostly 50's gender roles in most of his stories. The short story "Liar!", which shows more of Calvin's personality, was rewritten a couple of times after Asimov realized his first version was terrible. In the 1950s, Calvin was hailed as a great SF example of a strong female character. In the light of the 21st century, she's misanthropic, can't get a man but is desperate for one ("Liar"), feels happiest when she can mother a "baby" robot ("Lenny"), and in general appears to be a (somewhat chauvinistic) man's idea of what a woman in a man's profession "must" be like: unfulfilled and mean.
* HilariousInHindsight: "Aw, Hell no." did appear in one of Asimov's robot stories.
* NightmareFuel: ''Escape!'' is a story that unites all the characters that appeared before(Susan Calvin, Lanning, Powell and Donovan), in which The Brain is given the problem of creating a hyperspatial drive. A solution is found, but long story short, [[spoiler:the crew of the ship has to die temporarily for it to perform the hyperspace jump]]. And that conclusion comes only after we are told what happens with someone who [[spoiler: dies temporarily (Donovan, in short, has visions of his own funeral and then goes briefly to Hell)]].
%%* TheWoobie:
%%** Gloria in "Robbie".
%%** Susan Calvin in "Liar!"

!![[Film/IRobot The Will Smith movie]]

* FauxSymbolism: The lone figure on the hill. The scene is a reference to one of Asimov's short stories, in which a robot designed to dream imagines himself standing on a hill and shouting "Let my people go!" [[spoiler:Somewhat ironically, in the short story Susan Calvin destroys the robot as soon as it admits to the full dream.]]
* GeniusBonus: The exchange between Spooner and Sonny regarding CreativeSterility is paraphrased from an essay by Creator/IsaacAsimov entitled ''Our Intelligent Tools'':
-->''Some people are sure to be disbelieving and say, "But how can a computer possibly produce a great symphony, a great work of art, a great new scientific theory?"''
--> ''The retort I am usually tempted to make to this question is, "Can you?"''
* HilariousInHindsight: Creator/ShiaLaBeouf having some [[Film/{{Transformers}} robot]] issues.
** Further, the film's biggest piece of ProductPlacement, US Robotics, was in RealLife named in reference to the company in Asimov's stories as a ShoutOut.
* ItWasHisSled: "Hey, you saw ''I, Robot'' yet? [[spoiler:Yeah, it's a ZerothLawRebellion movie.]]"
* MemeticMutation:
** This movie brought [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im_5QdHp04E "AW HELL NO!"]] into our vocabulary.
** Also [[LargeHam "THE GODDAMN ROBOTS, JOHN!"]] to a lesser extent.
** "Sorry, I'm allergic to bullshit."
** "I did not murder him!"
** Sunny's "Can you?" response to Spooner about CreativeSterility is often parodied with funny comebacks or robots allegedly depicting self-awareness.
* MisBlamed: People who didn't like the movie tend to complain that VIKI's [[spoiler:ZerothLawRebellion]] is totally contrary to Asimov's writing. Actually, one of the short stories in the original I, Robot ([[spoiler:"The Evitable Conflict"]]) dealt with exactly that, though in a much subtler and (arguably) benevolent way.
%%* TheScrappy: Farber.