YMMV / Hyde and Closer

  • Crazy Awesome: Hyde, no contest. Magically animated teddy bear? Check. Fights with a chainsaw that is stored in his back, and is three times his size? Yup. Is also our hero's teacher of magic (and life in general)? Oh yeah.
    • A head of a toy company who later fights the heroes, beats them up in a reindeer suit and looks awesome doing it.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The way Closer finds out that his experiences in Chapter 1 weren't All Just a Dream.
    "A man takes his eggs fried and in silence!"
  • Cult Classic: Its not vey mainstream, but it has an interesting enough concept to have been picked up by Viz Media.
  • Nightmare Fuel: This series is filled with creepy dolls, starting with a monkey with two mouths, with one being on its nose.
    • You can't get creepier than the Watchman's doll: a stuffed panda wearing a sorcerer's hat. Well, this panda has the look of utmost insanity in his face, complete with hollow white eyes, a jagged grin as wide as its face, intestine-like tentacles coming out from all over its body, each one wielding scissors sharp enough to cut buildings. And its all very into the Madness Mantra of "SLICESLICESLICESLICESLICESLICE..!". Sweet Dreams.
    • Asmodai's One-Winged Angel, it's animal like Body Horror at its finest.
  • Tear Jerker: Kazan's backstory. A very straightforward yet incredibly powerful tale of a harsh life leading into crime, then subsequent guilt and regret. If you don't feel for the guy after reading it, then please enjoy the rest of your life without a soul.